Floor Cleaners and Electric Vehicles

For less demanding cyclic applications, the Power Charge X-CEL battery range has proved to truly excel, providing a reliable, economical battery solution. Tin incorporated into the battery plates assists in the prevention of battery sulphation whilst virgin pure lead plates allows the Power Charge X-CEL battery to offer a better cyclic life than the standard AGM battery.

Demanding cyclic applications call for a robust battery solution. In this case we recommend the cyclic Power Charge GEL or ENDUROGEL Battery ranges.

Having the Catalyst assists the Power Charge ENDUROGEL battery to withstand battery dryout – A major killer of VRLA battery technology. When the battery is subject to high temperatures and cyclic pressure the battery is caused to vent. The Catalyst acts as a recombination unit, recombining up to 80% of these essential gasses which would have otherwise escaped shorting the battery's life.