Valen ENDUROX-CEL Front Terminal Batteries

Reliability, individuality and superior performance has set apart the Valen ENDUROX-CEL technology from the regular AGM. Its multiple advantages are mainly due to the quality of the lead plates which include the addition of tin allowing the battery to perform well above the market expectations. This substantially reduces the chance of thermal runaway, sulphation and plate delamination all major killers of VRLA batteries.

The Valen ENDUROX-CEL also contains the Catalyst Life Extender which extends battery life in harsh and hot climates. The pure lead and inclusion of the Catalyst Life Extender and tin combination means Valen ENDUROX-CEL batteries have a design life of 12 years and are an ideal battery for use within critical stand-by applications.

Voltage12 Volt nominal
PlatesHeavy duty
TerminalInsert Terminal
Charge voltageCycle: 2.35 Vpc
Float: 2.25Vpc
Design Life12 years
ElectrolyteSulphuric Acid
VentSelf sealing
Operating Temperature-20°C to +60°C
(However we recommend that the batteries be operated in the temperature range of 20°C to 30°C to obtain full life and optimum performance.)
  • Propriety - Virgin pure lead / 1.6% Tin grid alloy
  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid - Cyclic battery reduced plate sulphation
  • Low self discharge
  • Maintenance free
  • Multi-position usage
  • Non-hazardous - FAA and IATA approved
  • Stand-by service: 12 year life
  • Optional - flame retardant
  • Spill-proof / Leak Proof
  • Catalyst Life Extender
  • Communications Equipment
  • Telemetry
  • Medical Equipment
  • Portable Mobility Scooters
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
  • SCADA Systems
Valen ENDUROX-CEL Front Terminal Batteries

Valen ENDUROX-CEL Front Terminal Battery Data & Dimensions

Product NameProduct CodeOld Product CodeOverall Battery
Dimensions (mm)
L x W x H
Battery Weight
Nom. Cap C/10
1.75 vpc
Female Terminal
Stocked Item
ENDUROX-CEL 12V55Ah12 EXFT 5512 PCEXFT 55277 x 106 x 2233256.1AhM6-ENQUIRE NOW
ENDUROX-CEL 12V75Ah12 EXFT 7512 PCEXFT 75564 x 115 x 1892882AhM8-ENQUIRE NOW
ENDUROX-CEL 12V100Ah12 EXFT 10012 PCEXFT 100395 x 110 x 28834102AhM8ENQUIRE NOW
ENDUROX-CEL 12V105Ah12 EXFT 10512 PCEXFT 105395 x 110 x 28635107AhM8-ENQUIRE NOW
ENDUROX-CEL 12V125Ah12 EXFT 12512 PCEXFT 125436 x 108 x 31740125AhM8-ENQUIRE NOW
ENDUROX-CEL 12V155Ah12 EXFT 15512 PCEXFT 155552 x 110 x 28849158AhM8ENQUIRE NOW
ENDUROX-CEL 12V175Ah12 EXFT 17512 PCEXFT 175550 x 110 x 28856181AhM8-ENQUIRE NOW
ENDUROX-CEL 12V190Ah12 EXFT 19012 PCEXFT 190546 x 125 x 31758.5180AhM8ENQUIRE NOW
ENDUROX-CEL 12V200Ah12 EXFT 20012 PCEXFT 200522 x 238 x 21868.8200AhM8-ENQUIRE NOW