• Battery Tester Comparison

    A comparison between the IBT Chrome, IBT 612, 12V Baca, 24V BACA, Captester, 12V CCOLT, 48V CCOLT, RE856 and Hioki Battery Testers offered by Regal Electro.

  • Battery Technology Comparison

    A comparison between AGM, X-CEL, GEL, ENDUROGEL & Lithium Battery technologies.

  • Difference between AGM & GEL VRLA Batteries

    VRLA is an acronym for 'Valve Regulated Lead Acid', over-against the well known wet cell motor car type lead acid battery which had little screw caps for topping them up with distilled water. These VRLA batteries are often referred to as 'Sealed Lead Acid' batteries (SLA); the word 'sealed' is strictly speaking not technically correct.

  • Top 8 Battery Blunders

    Batteries allow us to store our energy & backup system. They are often called the 'weakest link' in electricity systems, but battery problems nearly always are the result of bad equipment choices, installation errors, and lack of attention - the human factor! We have put together the most common mistakes & the solutions.